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Junior Girls Volleyball Tryouts Continue

The following players are invited to continue trying out for the Junior Girls Volleyball final roster.  

Taylor Novak 

Jasmyn Burley 

Meaghan Doherty 

Lena Ryan 

Taylor Stelter 

Emily McDonnell 

Kaitlyn Stelter 

Mya Howe 

Anna Porykova 

Claire McCullough 

Piper Coombes 

Caitlyn Jantzen 

Cara Tedford 

Ciara Foster 

Hanna Witriak 

Wren Plata 

Brynn Evans 

Daniela Marin-Lucumi 

Elizabeth Zyuzin 

Ronnie Crawford 

Ava Vance 

Jenna Henderson 

Amy Tawdos 

Hope Gargaro 

Thanks to everyone who has tried out so far. This is not the final team list.  Hopefully, we will decide on the team next week. Practices for next week are Mon 2:45, Tues 2:45, Wed 4:15.