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CATS Volleyball Start-up


Participation Form Please complete if you wish to tryout for the CATS Volleyball program

Purpose: The CATS Sport Club exists to create participatory and competitive sports opportunities for young people in RND, RND feeder elementary schools and the North Kingston community surrounding RND.

Organization: The RND Athletic department is the founding and governing organization for the CATS Sports club. School based policies and priorities regarding participation, scheduling, coaching ethics, fees and any other issues will be applied to all CATS programs in a manner consistent with policies at Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School. An executive of club directors will be established each year with leadership roles to be taken by the RND principal and RND Athletic Director. Involved coaches and parents may also assume a role with the CATS organizational structure.

Scheduling: The CATS will attempt to schedule their specific team games and practices in a manner that will allow student-athletes to participate in several sports or activites. We will not encourage our players to specialize or choose one sport over another. Our first scheduling priority is to accommodate other CATS or school based teams and activities with our scheduling decisions. This includes working co-operatively with our partners in RND feeder elementary schools.  Cats Volleyball practices are every Monday night at 6:00pm.  Occasionally, the Cats volleyball teams will practice on Thursday to prepare for a tournament.

Participation: Player development is a central objective of each CATS coach and team. Therefore an attempt to provide a fair and equitable practice and competition experience for each CATS player will be made. CATS programs will attempt to place players in practice and game situations where they can develop their skills in a challenging and successful environment.

Fees and Costs: As part of the larger RND Athletic Department the CATS program will work to make use of the facilities and equipment available at RND to reduce the overall fees assessed to players. The CATS will also look to register in and organize competitions that could limit the total cost of user fees to each player/family. While user fees are necessary, fees will be assessed on a team by team basis and should be outlined by CATS coaches at the beginning and throughout the sport season. It is important to note that supplemental funding is available and student-athletes in financial need will have every opportunity to participate in CATS programs.

Contact:  Information can be found on the RND website at www.rnd-panthers.com.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Pat Farrell at Regiopolis-Notre Dame CHS at 613-545-1902 extension 2513 or farrellp@alcdsb.on.ca.

Tryouts:  Begin November 14th, 21st and 28th ,  2022 at 6:00pm – 7:30pm at                    Regiopolis-Notre Dame CHS.  Tryouts are free of charge.



When are cuts or the team being made?


November 14th, 21st and 28th are official tryout dates for the boys and girls.  We need to evaluate the number of boys and girls that come out in order to make decisions regarding numbers.  As coaches we believe that players at this age should be given extended tryouts so coaches can better evaluate attitude, commitment, potential and skill level.


How many players will you keep?


We will probably keep 12 -14 players that will be on a tournament team.  We will be keeping an additional 5-7 players that we will encourage to come out to practices.  In the past, practice players have had the opportunity to play in one or more tournaments but this is something that is not guaranteed.



Who does Cats volleyball play against?

Cats Volleyball will be playing against similar clubs that share the same club philosophies as we do…keep expenses low, lots of games and getting kids involved.  We will be entering a team in approximately 3-4 tournaments. 



How much does it cost to play Cats Volleyball?

We are committed to trying to keep the costs down to a minimum.  Players on the tournament team in previous years were asked to pay $125.00.  Players on the practice team were asked to pay $70.00.  No player will ever be denied the opportunity to participate in Cats Volleyball because of financial difficulties. 



How will I know if my son or daughter is picked for the team?

Making cuts are the most difficult thing a coach has to do and we ask for your understanding in this matter. Any commitments that your son or daughter has that may interfere with their Cats participation should be expressed to the coaches.  We will put the selected team on the RND Scoreboard - https://www.rndpanthers.com/.     If selected for the team we ask that you attend a parent / guardian meeting at RND on November 29th at 7:30pm.  Fees, Schedules, Cats Philosophy, etc. will be discussed.  Please make this meeting a priority as we hope to have one parent / guardian representative per player.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to Pat Farrell at work (613 -545-1902  ext. 2513 or farrellp@alcdsb.on.ca).