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CATS Volleyball 2022-23 Player List

Thank you to all the players who came out for Cats Volleyball.  The following players are asked to attend practice on Monday, December 5th at 6pm.  A parent or guardian for each player is asked to attend the Cats parents meeting on Monday, December 5th at 7:00pm.  


Cats Girls

Summer Vallier

Vivian Ryan

Isabella Richardson

Moira Baker

Talia LaDuca

Mackenzie Campbell

Emma Fanning

Klaire Shannon

Ava Levac

Gwenyth McKeowen

Angelina Sousa

Mary Shepherd

Gabrielle Pressling

Emma Oliveira

Annika Mayordomo

Revaya Brown

Sydney Stelter

Annie Niemann

Tianna Nash

Sina Zeray

Alivia Sweet




Ryder Saber

Colby James

Kyle Natividad

James Irwin

Kyle Magtibay

Nick Cordeiro

Ali Hashmat

Mateo Borsato

Keenin Guthro-Commanda