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Boys Hockey Tryouts Continue

Thank you to all the players who have showed interest in playing for the Boys Varsity Hockey Team this season. 

The following players are invited to attend the next tryout on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 on the MNP pad at the Invista Centre. 


  1. Nate Berube
  2. Lucas Cordeiro
  3. Logan Cruickshank
  4. David Duggan
  5. Thomas Elkins
  6. Connor Fraser
  7. Ben Galliah
  8. Jack Gatcke
  9. Peyton George
  10. Ben Goyette
  11. Wyatt Gregory
  12. Nick Goslin
  13. Tanner Hawkins
  14. Cole Hulton
  15. Kale Hulton
  16. Rhett Hulton
  17. Aaron Leeman
  18. Owen Lutz
  19. Jack MacDonald
  20. Jonah McCormick
  21. Gabe Merjavec
  22. Brody Neilissen
  23. Ethan O’Brien
  24. Grayson Patry
  25. Noah Picken
  26. Drew Sleeth
  27. Tanner White


Thank you,

Mr. White                           Mr. McDonald                                   Mr. Campbell